Theatrical Trailer

JALANAN (“Streetside”) tells the captivating story of Boni, Ho and Titi - three gifted, charismatic bus musicians in Jakarta - and through them a wider, mostly-unknown story of contemporary Indonesia. JALANAN intimately portrays the young musicians’ lives and quirky sub-culture, while also painting a striking portrait of Indonesia’s frenzied capital city that is raw, humorous and brutally honest. 

JALANAN berkisah tentang Jakarta dan potret Indonesia melalui mata 3 pengamen muda yang humoris dan gigih menjalani hidup; Titi, Boni, dan Ho. Film ini mengikuti ketiganya secara intim dan mengangkat keseharian mereka yang terpinggirkan dari hiruk-pikuk Ibukota, tanpa rekayasa.


If you think Ho keeps his hair in dreads because he’s a Marley fan, think again. He is proud of himself, of his art and of his stage - the streets of Jakarta. Here is a taste of his story.

Of Jakarta’s 12 million residents, around 7,000 earn a tough living as street buskers. Boni has been doing this - and many other odd jobs - since the age of eight.


The streets of Jakarta bear witness to millions of breaking hearts. Titi is one of them. And sometimes these random bus passengers become her most faithful confidants.


Titi. One of the few female buskers on the streets of Jakarta. She makes due with an old beat up guitar; singing from the heart, she takes the change you give her.

It turns out Ho is not just a songwriter and performer, but he is also a poet. In this theatrical streetside poetry reading, Ho reminds us that the roads we take every day, and all the luxury around us, are built by the sweat of ‘coolie’ workers, their hands forgotten in the chaotic rush of this busy city.

Jakarta is a place of many dreams, its streets filled with life lessons. Titi is chasing both, with the hope that Jakarta will accept her as she is.

Song Title: Jakarta | Written & Performed by Luky Annash